Top Biography Websites in the World

Top Biography Websites in the World
Top Biography Websites in the World


A biography is a written account or narrative of a person’s life. It presents a detailed description of the person’s life story, including their background, experiences, achievements, and sometimes even their personal relationships and significant events. Biographies can be written about individuals from various fields, such as historical figures, political leaders, artists, scientists, athletes, entertainers, and more. Biographies aim to provide an in-depth understanding of a person’s life, character, and contributions to society. They often involve extensive research, interviews, and analysis to present a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of the subject’s life journey. Biographies can be found in books, online sources, and other mediums.

Here are 20 top biography sites in the world:

Wikipedia ( – A widely known online encyclopedia that includes biographies of notable individuals. ( – Offers a vast collection of biographies of famous people from various fields.

IMDb ( – Known primarily as a movie and TV database, it also features biographies of actors, directors, and other industry professionals.

Britannica ( – An authoritative source of information that includes biographies of notable figures throughout history.

Biography Online ( – Provides biographies of influential individuals from diverse backgrounds.

AllMusic ( – Focuses on biographical information about musicians and bands from various genres.

Goodreads ( – A platform for book lovers that includes author biographies. ( – Features biographies of historical figures, celebrities, and notable personalities.

Famous People ( – Offers a wide range of biographies on famous individuals from different fields. ( – Covers biographies of historical figures and events. ( – Presents biographies of notable personalities from around the world.

Nobel Prize ( – Provides biographies of Nobel laureates in various categories. ( – Offers biographies of notable individuals from different walks of life. ( – Includes biographical entries alongside other reference material.

BiographyScoop ( – Focuses on biographies of famous individuals in entertainment, sports, and other fields.

BiographyDirectory ( – A directory of biographical websites and resources.

ThoughtCo ( – Offers biographies covering a wide range of subjects.

Notable Biographies ( – Presents biographies of famous people in various fields.

BioGraphyWorld ( – Features biographies of prominent figures throughout history. ( – Focuses on biographies of influential scientists and researchers.

Please note that while these sites are popular and provide biographical information, it’s always a good idea to cross-reference information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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